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Our Principles

Pioneer believes that buildings should be healthy for the environment and the people that live, work and play in them.

At the core of our work is the knowledge that good design is fundamental to good buildings, which is why we like to get involved with your ideas right from the start by offering a complete Design & Build service.

Our Building methods and techniques have been honed in 20 years’ working in the construction industry, and with natural materials. We know the choice of materials we make can have a positive impact on our health and the environment, as well as being fit for purpose and sustainable.

Our principles

Healthy Homes

Pioneer buildings are design to breathe, which means moisture created within the building can migrate through the walls and roof to the outside, eliminating any damp or condensation problems. This is not rocket science, it is simply achieved with a careful choice of materials, internal finishes, breather membranes, insulation and the outside sheathing.

The materials we use do not emit harmful toxins, and allergy free paints and finishes can also be specified.

sustainable materials

Energy Efficiency

With energy prices rising, it is more important than ever to create living and working environments that are energy efficient and have low running costs.

We achieve this efficiency by following 5 key principles:

  • Good design
  • Good thermal mass
  • High levels of insulation
  • Low energy lighting and appliances
  • Air tightness

We can integrate renewable energies from day one, whether its PV panels for electricity, solar hot water heaters, biomass boilers or ground source heat pumps. In addition to all these technologies, we can also incorporate heat exchange systems.

See further reading page for inspiration from just some of the renewable energy companies we work with.

Sustainable Materials

We are committed to using the healthiest, non-toxic, environmentally-friendly and sustainable materials we can find in our buildings.

Here are just some of the natural products and finishes that we can incorporate into your building design:

Recycled rubber tiles

– A great way to re-use an often discarded material, rubber is durable.

Sudum and Turf Roofs

– As well as creating a stunning natural habitat, and providing excellent insulation, turf acts like a sponge, absorbing rainwater and releasing it slowly.

Lime Render

– A breathable alternative to concrete renders.

Sheeps wool insulation

– A sustainable, natural insulator.

Natural stains and paints

– Beautiful, durable finishes that are healthy and non-toxic. If required we can also source Allergy free paints.

Cellulose fibre insulation

– Recycled newspaper.